Best for PC, WINDOWS, LAPTOP & MAC Download VLC Media Player Open VLC Media Player Press CTRL + N (ie. open Network Stream) Paste the link you received from us and click play Now press CTRL + L to view your playlist

7º Apr 2019

You will need to get the M3U link off us if you want to set up manually on your ZGemma or any other boxes. Then follow the guide below

7º Apr 2019

(SMART TV) LG OR SAMSUNG App required- (SMART IPTV APP) Smart IPTV app- It is super easy, All you gotta do is install the SMART IPTV app and then you will get a MAC CODE on the screen. Pass us the MAC code and we will upload the playlist from our side and then all you gotta do is restart the device. Then you will see the changes and have them ... Espandi »

7º Apr 2019

1- Download the following app GSE IPTV PRO APP LINK : demo 2- Follow these steps 1- Download the following app 2- Right above you see 3 parallel lines 3- Click on it 4- Remote playlist 5- Right side at the top (+) > Plus button or add button 6- Add M3U URL 7- PLAYLIST LINK : (Paste the one we give you after purchase° 8- Add 9- Click OK & ... Espandi »

7º Apr 2019

pps that run IPTV 1- Kodi 2- Perfect Player 3- GSE IPTV Pro 4- IPTV 5- Prog t 6- Smart IPTV You can try any of these below maybe. 1- PERFECT PLAYER App link : demo 1- OPEN PERFECT PLAYER 2- SELECT THE COG ICON 3- SELECT GENERAL 4- SELECT PLAYLIST 5- ENTER THE M3U URL YOU ARE GIVEN 2- SMART IPTV App link :demo 1- Download Smart IPTV app on the ... Espandi »

7º Apr 2019

Open Kodi Select TV Select Enter add-on browser Select PVR IPTV Simple Client Select Configure Select General If you have a URL for your m3u list set Location to Remote Path (Internet Address) Then Select M3U Play List URL Enter the URL of your M3U Play List and select OK If you have an M3U text file stored locally on your network/computer/box ... Espandi »

6º Apr 2019