(SMART TV) LG OR SAMSUNG App required- (SMART IPTV APP) Smart IPTV app- It is super easy, All you gotta do is install the SMART IPTV app and then you will get a MAC CODE on the screen. Pass us the MAC code and we will upload the playlist from our side and then all you gotta do is restart the device. Then you will see the changes and have them channels on the box. HOW TO INSTALL ? 1- Download Smart IPTV app on the device. 2- You will get the MAC address on the screen. 3- Pass us the MAC address through (Email, DM or whatsapp) and we will upload the playlist. 4- Restart the TV in 5 minutes and you will have the channels on the TV. (SONY SMART TV) App required- (OTT PLAYER) If you using SONY SMART TV then you need to download the OTT PLAYER from the store. Then you gotta pass us the login credentials of the OTT PLAYER and then we upload the playlist. Easy as that.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

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